Nativity: Shepherd 1


Big heavy coat and scarf


Please read the information for filing which can be found here before you start.

Ideally, learn the lines off by heart and speak them to the camera, or, print the lines on a large piece of paper and hold behind or to the side of the camera.

Remember to say or have a piece of paper that shows the Scene number (eg S03 = Scene Three) before you start each section.


Look like you are freezing cold, shiver a little bit, go Brrrr or something then say your lines:

I’m freezing!


Then film:

Another day looking after the sheep


Then film

I’m bored.


Then film yourself sitting down, feeling a bit sleepy and drowsy, yawning, then lying down maybe nearly falling asleep.  But then you shield your eyes from a bright light in the sky, and you look surprised and a bit scared.  Continue to film, for at least 10 seconds like that (as you listen to what the Angel says)

This is to film some background video while the Narrator says:

The shepherds were getting sleepy, but just as

they were dozing off a bright light appeared in the sky. A beautiful angel hovered above them and spoke in a very loud voice.


Is the baby here?


Doesn’t he look sweet?


Say loudly

Jesus, the Son of God is born!