Charities Committee

From April 2004 to December 2016, the parishioners of Our Lady Queen of Heaven have raised £355,234. This is an amazing amount of money and your generosity to charitable causes is truly humbling.

A retiring collection is taken every weekend to enable the Parish to support many diverse charities ranging from bereavement, education, missions, medical needs both at home and abroad, homeless, children, the elderly, hospices, emergency disasters and many more.

The Parish Charities Committee meet four times a year to review appeals received to keep a balance between home and abroad as well as the many distinct categories of charities.

A report is published annually which details the charities supported and the amounts collected.

For more information you can email

To apply for a retiring collection for your charity, get in contact with the team at the email address above or complete the form below, then click on "Send".

Application Form to Appeal for a Retiring Collection

Parish Retiring Collections Policy

Requests for collections/appeals should be sent to the Charities Committee via the parish office at least three months in advance giving full details of the charity concerned. Such requests will be considered at the Committee’s quarterly meetings and the Committee’s decision is final.

  • Requests for collections should come from people in direct contact with the charity concerned and there should be feedback on how the money is used.
  • Persons requesting appeals cannot benefit personally either directly or indirectly from the proceeds of the collection.
  • In keeping with the guidelines of the Bishops’ Committee for Overseas Mission, any project undertaken will be for a short and specified period; such periods are decided by the Charities Committee.
  • The Charities Committee reserves the right to change appeal dates at short notice to allow the parish to respond to emergency disaster appeals.
  • Any charity is allowed one collection only per year.
  • Collections for charities without a UK bank account or are not registered with the Charity Commission will not be accepted.
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