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25th July, Seventeenth Sunday of the Year

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Dear Friends,

Today we begin a series of Sundays taken from John’s Gospel leading us to a renewal of our understanding of the Eucharist. Jesus is word and food for the journey of life. We will never be too well versed in this great teaching of Christ himself. We should grow in our understanding of what it means to receive the Lord’s Word and Sacrament for life’s journey.

First World Day of Prayer for Grandparents – called for by Pope Francis. The following are the words of the universal prayer said in different countries and languages but all reminding us of what a gift Grandparents are.


Help them to reflect your unconditional love in their relationship with their families.

Grant them with the gifts of wisdom and patience to enable them to support their families and be there to encourage, advise and inspire, in their turn, their children’s children.

May they be for their Grandchildren a safe refuge of consistency, offering witness to all of a life which is inspired by Gospel values, enriched by prayer and fuelled by the hope of the eternal kingdom.


  • The number of cards allocated to parishes is grossly inadequate – sorry about that. May I suggest cutting out the prayer presented above.
  • Response to the Mission Boxes is excellent. Those already given in and counted are on the porch table for collection. Thank you. Some boxes still to be collected and 1 is spare. Final is next week.
  • The next weekend Mass rotas for co-ordinators, readers and eucharistic ministers are now available for collection in the church porch. Thank you to everyone who volunteers for these ministries.
  • We require more volunteers to assist with stewarding at Mass. If you are able to help with this then please complete a blue volunteers form in the Church porch or email frimley@abdiocese.org.uk – Thank you!

 For ages people have been debating what the next stage will bring in this era of Covid 19. Well now we are aware that details will be announced in July? Arguments have already begun on the airwaves. Let us pray and hope that we will keep goodwill towards all and be deeply influenced that the second great commandment of the Lord is “Love your neighbour as yourself”.

Stage 4 guidance

We have been issues with the next stage of guidance operating within the Church building. Some degree of change was expected but was clouded by Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s advice to be “cautious”. It transpires that apart from the positivity of a small group singing to enhance the liturgy – this is hardly ground-breaking stuff, otherwise things remain as they have been for Mass. I would suggest that Boris has performed a sort of three card trick, you hear him speak, you watch his gestures, and you figure you know something significant will happen – and it doesn’t. I cannot shout about that as I was advised by the late Canon Dan Moriarty to back “Roberto” in the Debry at Epsom in 1972, He said, “you can’t look beyond Lester Piggott”. Roberto won, I was in the middle of the racecourse trying to beat the guy with the 3 cards and I did not back Roberto. New notice board on the outer church wall erected by Paul O’Donovan. This will be updated regularly.

We will now be implementing the following in accordance with the Step 3 guidelines:

  • Maximum capacity in the church is now
  • Social distancing can be 1 metre plus when face coverings are worn in our church and hall (if the hall is being used as an overflow for Mass).
  • Masks must still be worn by people as they come forward for Communion.
  • Priests and Special Ministers are now ‘permitted to announce, “The Body of Christ” for each communicant’ and the response “Amen” made by the person receiving Holy Communion.

 Finally: If you want to be happy for an hour…eat your favourite meal. If you want to be happy for a day…play a game of golf. If you want to be happy for a lifetime…put your faith in Jesus Christ.

God Bless You All,

Fr John

Mass Intentions

Sat 24th July     6.00pm            Thanksgiving – Moorehead Family (Liz Moorehead)

Sun 25th July    8.30am            Racial Justice

                        10.30am           Anthony De Sa (Audrey DeSouza)

                        5.30pm            Trixie De Freitas RIP (Frances Farrelly)

Mon 26th July   7.30pm            Gemma Bowden (Welfare) (Christine Sadler)

Tue 27th July    10.00am           Reji & Leah (Thanksgiving) (Betsy)

Wed 28th July   10.00am           Kate & Stan

Thu 29th July    10.00am           Thanksgiving (Davies Family)

Fri 30th July      10.00am           All Parishioners

Sat 31st July      6.00pm            Rod Short RIP (Maureen Short)

Sun 1st August  8.30am            Michael & Jackie Mouat (Wedding Anniversary)

                        10.30am           Simon & Linda Johnson (25th Wedding Anniversary)

                        5.30pm            Holy Souls

Communion Programme – If your child is in Year 3 or above two forms (please download from the parish website www.olqh.com) need to be completed and returned to frimley@abdiocese.org.uk by 31st July.  Dates for the Communion will be advised in early 2022.

Anniversaries Mass – Taking place at St Joseph’s Guildford on 09/10/21 11.30am with Bishop Richard. For couples and their families to celebrate significant anniversaries – contact Katherine.bergin@abdiocese.org.uk for more information.

Beginning Experience Weekend – If you are single again following a divorce, separate or death of your partner, there’s a residential weekend from 8th to 10th October at Sion Community, Brentwood. Contact besouthofengland@gmail.com for more information

Collections for Weekend 17th/18th July 2021

Offertory Collections                                          £578.40

Gift Aid Collections                                         £99.00

Standing Orders (Weekly Average)                 £1016.00

Total                                                                      £1693.40

Please pray for all those who have died recently:

Susan Black, John Ryan and Joan Wheatley

May they rest in peace.

Please pray for all those who are sick at this time:

Eileen Cookson, Marie Bellizzi, Maureen Bowers, Pauline Brookman, Robert Burbridge, Joe Buttaci, Vivian Charlton, Lally Clarke, Joan Cottrell, Zita Falber, Pat Farrell, Hermanthe Fernando, Leo Gibson, Kath Grant, Mary Higton, Gill Kirwin, Georgia Mackinlay, Miriam McDonnell, Helen McLachlan, Eric Miller, Maura Morris, Paul Pullen, Wilson Rabanos, Claire Raynor, Donal Reidy, Milo Reiske, Moira Seed, Gill Shaw, Sherry Small, Ralph & Pauline Smith, Godelieve Vandersloten, Patricia Van Kuyk, Alfonsa Varghese, Lorraine Vella, Mark Wardell and all those named on the noticeboard in Our Lady’s Shrine. May they find consolation in their suffering.

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Alton Day of Renewal Prayer Requests

We will pray for anyone feeling isolated, anxious, depressed, or physically ill. We will help you draw close to the love of Jesus, who said “come to me all of you who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest”. On weekdays 10.00am-4.00pm tel 07579 824523. Full details at www.altonrenewal.com/prayer_request


First Holy Communion

Download forms here:

Please complete and return no later than 31st July. Email to frimley@abdiocese.org.uk or drop it off through the letterbox at Fr John's house.

Diocesan Youth Service – 40th Anniversary Celebration – 4 September 2021 - Arundel Cathedral

We are delighted to be able to celebrate our Youth Service, which has impacted many people in the last four decades and we want to invite anyone who has ever attended an event hosted by the service to come along and join the festivities.  Whether it was a Maryvale Retreat, a World Youth Day Pilgrimage, Youthgather, Lourdes Redshirts, or you are a member of our new online community BeCome, or one of our other virtual networks, everyone will be welcome to give thanks for all that has been done and to pray for the success of the Youth Service in the future. Reminisce with old friends, and meet new friends in person (not just on a screen!). A thanksgiving Mass will be said by Bishop Richard, followed by a chance to chat over refreshments. Please click here for more information and to register

Girlguiding - are you looking for a new adventure?  Then click here to read on……..

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The Church is located at 111 Portsmouth Road, Frimley, GU16 7AA.  It is on the opposite side of the A325 Portsmouth Road to Frimley Park Hospital.  When facing Frimley Park Hospital, the Church is behind you to the left.

18th July Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

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