25th October 2020
Thirtieth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Click the white triangle in the image above from 10:30 Sunday and you will be able to watch live Mass.  The feed will start at about 10:25.  If you are watching from a tablet or an ipad, you may be prompted to watch via the YouTube app.  You can watch directly from YouTube using this link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdD7gqE4O66qlggIJKAn3DQ/live

If the Mass has not started you will see a note saying "Live Stream Offline".  Once Mass starts it will change to "Live"

Dear Friends,

I hope none of us have any reservations about the inescapable truth that is central to today’s readings – WE ARE ALL GOD’S CHILDREN – even those who have never heard of Him or Jesus. There can be no ambiguity or debate about that fact as articulated in Exodus, “you shall not wrong or oppress a stranger, you were once strangers in Egypt.” (Ex: 22:20). The Thessalonians imitated Paul and the early Christians despite being persecuted, and they did so with joy. Finally, the words of Jesus, you shall love the Lord with “ALL YOUR HEART, SOUL AND MIND and YOUR NEIGHBOUR AS YOURSELF”. To say you can choose is a contradiction to the Gospel. Loving the Lord is the easy bit; it can be done in many ways but most of us create our own image of God. Why do I say that? Simple really – If we have regard for Him we cannot but love our fellow human beings. Again, it’s easy to support good causes or those we get along with, but this is the FUNDAMENTAL REASON WHY RACISM of any kind is an affront to God Himself. It’s why we say, “BLACK LIVES MATTER” and so do ALL OTHER LIVES. Discrimination against people because of their colour, race, creed, country of origin or sexual orientation is so far from the Gospel that we should hang our heads in shame if we entertain a ‘joke’ or a discussion that belittles any of the above.

That is why the Gospel is hard rather than easy. We have plenty of time to think about these values at the present.

  • Congratulations to Leanne Mangulabnam who was confirmed last Sunday.
  • The month of November is traditionally a period of prayer for the HOLY SOULS of our own families and all humankind. Masses will be offered regularly during the month for this intention.
  • Monday Nov 2nd is ALL SOULS DAY and there will be masses at 10am and 7:30pm.
  • Time to sign up for schools if this is on your mind. Contact the schools directly please.
  • All the copies of the New Testament that were available went last week – Well done. The next order has not yet been received.

Finally, do keep in touch with family and people you know by phone or email. The loneliness of the heart is a burden itself. Pray for one another regularly.

  • Let your friends know that the 10:30am Sunday mass is streamed live and is available on YouTube.

God Bless You all

Fr John



As you are aware, the guidance keeps moving. So, the following will apply when you come to mass (both weekend and midweek). These changes to procedures apply from now on.

  • Fast Track: If you have the NHS Covid App, enter the porch as usual and go in the usual door on the left side of the porch - AFTER showing the app to the QR code – one per household.
  • All others must take the trouble of writing their names + phone numbers on the slip of paper provided on the tables – one per household. Then enter the church by the glass central doors. The stewards will direct you and we ask you for your patience please.
  • We must keep a record of all who come to church to enable the Track & Trace system to work. The same procedure must be followed at every mass (even during the weekdays). You can register in one of two ways – NHS Covid App or manually, as explained above.
  • Let me assure you that these lists will be brought to the Priest’s house by the Stewards. The parish has the responsibility of storing these lists safely and after 21 days they will be shredded.
  • Please arrive early enough so as not to get flustered and please be patient – everybody is doing their best.
  • It would be of great help to the Stewards if people would on entering the church go as far forward as you are willing so there will be less passing traffic near you and it would enable later folks to find a seat at the back.
  • Please exit the church by the usual door on the right. Then follow the arrows towards the hall and exit to the car park via the double fire doors. DO NOT EXIT THE CHURCH VIA THE CENTRAL GLASS DOORS.
  • Support Bubble – means if you live on your own, you may join members of your family or one other household (adults or children). From 14th September we cannot change our “Support Bubble”.
  • Monday Mass will be at 7.30pm and Tuesday at 10.00am – that will remain the weekly pattern.
  • Please wear a mask (unless you have a good reason not to), wash your hands and use the hand gel before you enter the church before coming into the church.

Christmas Nativity 2020 – As we continue to consider the health of all parishioners, we will not be holding the Children’s Nativity play this year (usually presented at 6pm Christmas Eve Mass). We will, however, record a film of the Nativity and invite children to sign up to participate – please complete a form online at www.olqh.com or pick up a form at the back of Church and return to the parish office. More info on the website or email Linda@Simon-Johnson.com or tel. 01276 32649

Mass Times & Intentions:

Sat 24th Oct                  6.00pm            Sola and Robin (Thanksgiving)

Sun 25th Oct                 8.30am            Medics and Health Care workers

                                    10.30am           Thanksgiving (Maxi Jose)

                                    5.30pm            All Parishioners

Mon 26th Oct                7.30pm            Ann Price RIP (Tom Owens & Family)

Tues 27th Oct                10.00am           In Thanksgiving (Pauline Brookman)

Wed 28th Oct                10.00am           Intention of Jincy & Justin Jacob

Thurs 29th Oct               10.00am           Family Intentions (Pauline Brookman)

Fri 30th Oct                   10.00am           Jose & Maria in Thanksgiving for your support

Sat 31st Oct                   6.00pm            Thanksgiving (Jeremy Robin)

                                                            ALL SAINTS DAY

Sun 1st Nov                  8.30am             All Parishioners

                                    10.30am           Mr Joseph Gurung RIP (2nd anniv.) (Sandra Narula)

                                    5.30pm            Anne & Bob Carter Thanksgiving (40th Wedding anniversary 

Collections for Weekend 17th/18th October                     

Offertory Collections                                        £327.17

Gift Aid Collections                                       £147.00

Standing Orders (Weekly Average)             £1016.00

Total                                                                      £1490.17

Please pray for all those who are sick at this time:

Marie Bellizzi, Robert Burbridge, Lally Clarke, Joan Cottrell, Florence Cox, Zita Falber, Hermanthe Fernando, Elizabeth Mary Jones, Pat Keenan,  Gill Kirwin, Georgina Mackinley,  Miriam McDonnell, Maura Morris, Paul Pullen, Wilson Rabanos, Donal Reidy, Gill Shaw, Sherry Small, Godelieve Vandersloten, Alfonsa Varghese, Mark Wardell and all those named on the noticeboard in Our Lady’s Shrine.  May they find consolation in their suffering.

Please pray for all those who have died recently:

Grietje de Briune-Lam, Pennama Joseph, John Parker and Sidney Southon

May they rest in peace.

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Alton Day of Renewal Prayer Requests

We will pray for anyone feeling isolated, anxious, depressed, or physically ill. We will help you draw close to the love of Jesus, who said “come to me all of you who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest”. On weekdays 10.00am-4.00pm tel 07579 824523. Full details at www.altonrenewal.com/prayer_request


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Children's Nativity Film

This year we will be making a film instead of performing the Nativity during Mass on Christmas Eve.

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19th October Sunday Mass Recording

First Holy Communion Programme

We are looking to start the next First Holy Communion programme (2021) after Christmas. Dates and more details will be made available nearer the time.

To assist with planning, we need to know how many children will be attending. If your child is in Year 3 or above at primary school in the academic year 2020-2021 and you would like them to make their First Holy Communion, then please complete an enrolment form and email it to Helen, Parish Secretary at frimley@abdiocese.org.uk or put the form through the letterbox of Fr John’s house.

Copies of the enrolment form are available to download here and on the table in our church porch.

The closing date for enrolment is Friday 30th October 2020.

Those who were due to make their First Holy Communion earlier this year will be contacted separately in due course.

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Sun 8:30  
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Thu 9:30
Fri 9:30

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