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5th December Second Sunday of Advent

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Dear Friends,

Today’s Gospel ends with the words, “and all people shall see the salvation of God” (Luke 3:6). What a powerful statement about the directness and responsibility that flowed from the words of John the Baptist, who was the one to announce Jesus’ role to his hearers!

John belonged to a sect of Judaism known as the Essenes. They were very austere in their view of life, in the way that they lived and the demands they made on those who heard them. John made no claims on his own behalf; rather he described himself as the voice of one crying in the wilderness. “Prepare the way of the Lord, make his paths straight”.

We will hear next week how this was to be practically fulfilled. John symbolically baptised Jesus as a direction to his followers. We are indebted to Pope John Paul II for reviving this image in the First Luminous mystery of the Rosary (an idea that originated with St. Dominic). The fruits of this call by God to ALL was the GIFTS OF THE HOLY SPIRIT. This would be the birth of what we now call the Church (i.e., the people of God who follow the way of Jesus – he is our teacher). Yet Jesus was never known as a baptiser, but rather a healer. In time the Holy Spirit would be manifest in his life and the Church would rise out of the witness that Jesus gave. That is our mission now.

The Synodal Model of Church

The idea of a synod (Church gathering) is not new. There have been many synods in the various national Churches in history; usually to address some customs or values that were not accepted by the whole community. For example, in 664, the Synod of Whitby was called to agree on a method of setting the date for Easter. In this age of mass communication, it is obvious that no question remains the issue of a national Church; it’s like the spreading of the Covid virus and no group or nationality are safe until ALL are safe. The room for disagreement, separation and crazy ideas is now in the hands of individuals so we should interest ourselves in the call for harmony. This is true of the Church also. Faith communities are having to reflect on their values and faithfulness to their teacher, who for us is Jesus. It is good to ask yourself, “Where do I stand in relation to Jesus’ call to ‘come follow me’?”

  • Following on from the above, I would hope we can have a few meetings to reflect on our values at OLQH, either by Zoom or if practical face to face. I will be guided by the Health & Safety parish group. Sign up sheet in the porch or email Helen please. Pray and if possible, get involved.
  • The Divine Office
    A complete edition of the above has been donated to the parish in three volumes. Anyone who would like to pray the Office regularly may have this set which is in very good condition.
  • “Thanks a million” to Dorothy and Tony.
    For 35 years Dorothy and Tony Duhig have been very active members of this parish community. They have undertaken various roles; Dorothy as a hospital visitor and Eucharistic minister and Tony on the Finance committee and Gift Aid which has been an enormous success. Their reach went far beyond that of wise advisors, good neighbours and the glue that held many people together as friends. They will be leaving for their new house in Devon this week, where they will be near Jonathan and family. We shall miss you guys. Please pray for us as we will for you. Good health and happiness.
  • The Parish Advent Reconciliation service will be held on Wednesday December 15th at 7.30pm.

Communion / Movement in Church – New Guidance for weekend masses from 27th November

  1. Please walk up the side aisles to receive Communion. The stewards will be there to guide you. After receiving Communion, please walk down the centre aisle and go back to your benches. The final blessing will take place after Communion (like it used to be before the pandemic). We will no longer be exiting the church immediately after receiving Communion.
  2. After the final blessing please leave the church either through the fire exit door in the link area or through the main church door.
  3. If you can help with church cleaning, please email Helen at frimley@abdiocese.org.uk letting her know what days/times you can do.

  Stage 4 Guidance: Please note the following still applies

  • Track and Trace continues.
  • Please use hand sanitiser on ENTRY and EXIT.
  • Social distancing – 1m.
  • Masks to be worn at all times unless exempt.
  • The Minister may say “The Body of Christ” to which you may reply “Amen”.

God Bless You All

Fr John

Mass Intentions

Sat 4th Dec      6.00pm            Mary Kearney’s Intentions (Brian and Mary Connelly)

Sun 5th Dec     8.30am            All Parishioners

                        10.30am          Robert Sandrasagara & Teresa Francis RIP (Josephine)

                        5.30pm            Dr and Mrs Carvalho

Mon 6th Dec    7.30pm            Anita Farrar RIP (Ray Handysides)

Tue 7th Dec     10.00am          Holy Souls

Wed 8th Dec    The Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary

10.00am          In Thanksgiving (Pauline Brookman)

Thu 9th Dec     10.00am          Private intentions

Fri 10th Dec     9.00am            Staff, pupils & parents at St Augustine’s

Sat 11th Dec    6.00pm            Elsa Goddard RIP (Mary Kearney)

Sun 12th Dec   8.30am            All Parishioners

                        10.30am          Betty Neave RIP (Linda and Simon Johnson)

                        5.30pm            Donors intentions

Christmas & New Year Rotas – If you can assist as a Mass Co-ordinator, Reader or Eucharistic Minister please write your name on the sign-up sheet in the porch or email Helen at frimley@abdiocese.org.uk

APF/Missio Red Boxes – Thank you to all red box holders. Donations this quarter were £140.58. The empty red boxes are now available for collection from the table in the church porch.

Collections for Weekend 27th/28th November

Offertory Collections                          £401.64

Gift Aid Collections                            £37.00

Standing Orders (Weekly Average)   £1192.00


Please pray for all those who have died recently:

Marcelle Camilleri, Rita Cockram, Joan Cotterell, Elsa Goddard, Peter Hobbs, Pat Holloway and Gillian Shaw.

May they rest in peace.


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Alton Day of Renewal Prayer Requests

We will pray for anyone feeling isolated, anxious, depressed, or physically ill. We will help you draw close to the love of Jesus, who said “come to me all of you who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest”. On weekdays 10.00am-4.00pm tel 07579 824523. Full details at www.altonrenewal.com/prayer_request



Christmas Nativity 2021

We now have a full list of children involved in the Nativity - thank you to them all.


Bishop Richard writes:  ‘In the last part of this difficult year, we can begin to look forward to the celebration of the birth of Christ at Christmas. For those families where a parent is in prison, Christmas can be a particularly painful time. Through Pact’s Operation Elf, parishes and individuals can support prisoners to give a gift to their child, sharing a little love and joy and strengthening the family bond. This simple act can nurture the hope that redemption and a fresh start is possible.’  Register at parishaction@prisonersadvice.org.uk, buy a Gift card with the value of £10, and post to PACT.  Full guidance and details at www.prisonadvice.org.uk

Read the poster by clicking here.

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Call 01276 504876, or email frimley@abdiocese.org.uk

The Church is located at 111 Portsmouth Road, Frimley, GU16 7AA.  It is on the opposite side of the A325 Portsmouth Road to Frimley Park Hospital.  When facing Frimley Park Hospital, the Church is behind you to the left.

28th November, First Sunday of Advent

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