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Twenty-Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Dear Friends,

It isn’t often that we stray from the Gospel reading for our thoughts. But this weekend we have a very helpful and practical approach from St. Paul’s letter to the people of Philippines. Paul is reflecting on his own experience of life since his conversion on the road to Damascus. “If our life in Christ means anything to you, if love can persuade at all…we must be united in our love and respect for each other and be united in our way of thinking, Let there be no competition among us, rather let us think of the other person as better than ourselves”. This is not just a theory or pacifist idea Paul had but the logical and direct consequence of meeting Jesus in prayer and reflection, Then he quotes in a very concise way what Jesus did. “His state was divine, but he did not cling to equality with God but emptied himself to assume the condition of a slave…” This is Paul’s way of expressing the journey Jesus made to save us in our foolish rivalry with one another. What should one’s response be? To take our bearing from Jesus and raise our minds and hearts to Him who sets us free.


  • There will be a Harvest Family Mass at 10.30am on October 8th. Let us make a special effort for those in need that weekend.
  • There will also be an evening Liturgy of the Word and Eucharist at 7.30pm on Monday October 2nd.
  • Thank you for your continuing support of the food bank. Donations of men’s toiletries, and tin meat and fish and snack items such as crisps and biscuits are particularly welcome at the moment. For the time being they are well stocked with pasta, rice and tins of beans and soup
  • First Saturday Devotion of Reparation at 2pm Saturday 7th October in the church. All welcome.
  • Children’s liturgy returns – most important. Parents, encourage your children to take part. Leaders, please make sure your DBS clearance is up to date with the diocese.
  • On Monday 2nd October we will have the funeral of Neal Worsford at 11.00am – open to all to attend. Refreshments will be served in the Parish room after. Neil was 44. Please pray for his family, Sangeeta his wife, Frank his dad and Fiona his sister.


Finally, The Doctor tells Jimmy, “Your system needs toning up. I suggest you take a nice cold bath every morning”.

“Oh, but I do that Doctor”, Jimmy replied.” You do?”

“Yes, every morning I look at the cold bath and fill it with nice warm water”.

God bless you all,

Fr John

Mass Intentions

Sat 30th Sep     6.00pm            Safronio and Rosalina De Castro

Sun 1st Oct      8.30am            Victims of Domestic Violence

                        10.30am          James Connelly RIP (Brian and Mary Connelly)

                        5.30pm            Clarita Respicio RIP (1st Anniv) (Elmer and Jessette)

Mon 2nd Oct    11.00am          Funeral for Neal Worsford RIP

                        7.30pm            Liturgy of the Word & Eucharist

Tue 3rd Oct      10.00am          Sheila Power RIP (James)

Wed 4th Oct     10.00am          All Parishioners

Thu 5th Oct      10.00am          Holy Souls

Fri 6th Oct       10.00am          John Beaumont RIP (anniv.) (Ann Beaumont)

Sat 7th Oct       2.00pm            First Saturday Devotion of Reparation in the church

                        6.00pm            Sean Andrew Gaynor RIP (Chris)

Sun 8th Oct      8.30am            Maria Handysides RIP (anniv.) (Ray)

                        10.30am          HARVEST FESTIVAL

                                                Josephine’s parents RIP

                        5.30pm            Jackie Coffee RIP (Margaret & Pat Conroy)

Retiring Collections

30th Sep/1st Oct  Survive-Miva

14th/15th Oct      Prison Advice and Care Trust

28th/29th Oct      APF/Missio

4th/5th Nov      Third World & Charities

Collections for Weekend 23rd/24th September 2023

Offertory Collection                                      £420.79

Gift Aid Collection                                          £115.00

Standing Orders (Weekly Average)           £1192.00

Total                                                                  £1727.79


Please do NOT leave flowers, plants or anything else by the statues in the church.

Recently, someone left a beautiful bouquet of flowers by Our Lady’s statue. This bouquet of flowers later fell down, narrowly avoiding falling on lit candles.

Thankfully, it didn’t cause a fire but please let’s not take any chances in the future.


Diocesan Run Events

Please visit: abdiocese.org.uk/diocese/events

Forthcoming events include:

Anti-Slavery day 18/10/23 in Brighton

Liturgy of the Word with Children Leader’s training, Crawley 11/11/23


Survive-Miva is a UK registered charity lay organisation based in Liverpool and founded in 1974, which provides grants to fund essential transport for health outreach work in isolated areas across Africa, Asia and Latin America

Help Rebecca get to Ecuador

15-year-old Rebecca (one of our SJB students and daughter of Kate and Sam Shaw) is heading to Ecuador on a two week conservation expedition next July with World Challenge. Please support her fundraising over the coming months or via https://gofund.me/6e1c0341.Thank you

Please pray for all those who have died recently:

Jill Angood, Spira Gafa, Jim Nagle, Neal Worsford,

and the victims of the flood in Libya and earthquake in Morocco.

May they rest in peace.

Please pray for all those who are sick at this time:

George Barham, Marie Bellizzi, Margaret Bishop, Pauline Brookman, Veronica Brown, Josie Cash, Ryan Cauley, Anthony Cheah, Maggie Duncan, Belen Dunlop, Gary Elliott, Annie Faghihi, Lolita Felio, Desmond Fleming, Leo Gibson, Janet Haring, Mary Higton, Irene Hole, Jim Hollis, Ginny Jardine, Ian Joseph, Anne MacKenzie, Georgia Mackinlay, Luz Martin, Miriam McDonnell, Helen McLachlan, Joyce Monserrat, Maura Morris, Adrei Penkov, Valeria Penkova, Aurora Ramirez, Donal Reidy, Jennifer Rolfe, Moira Sced, Sherry Small, Ralph and Pauline Smith, Godelieve Vandersloten, Jean Watkins, Deborah Wright and all those named on the noticeboard in Our Lady’s Shrine.

May they find consolation in their suffering.

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Alton Day of Renewal Prayer Requests

We will pray for anyone feeling isolated, anxious, depressed, or physically ill. We will help you draw close to the love of Jesus, who said “come to me all of you who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest”. On weekdays 10.00am-4.00pm tel 07579 824523. Full details at www.altonrenewal.com/prayer_request


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Contact Information

Call 01276 504876, or email frimley@abdiocese.org.uk

The Church is located at 111 Portsmouth Road, Frimley, GU16 7AA.  It is on the opposite side of the A325 Portsmouth Road to Frimley Park Hospital.  When facing Frimley Park Hospital, the Church is behind you to the left.


SVP Camberley and Frimley is very active in the community

  • we give help to local families and individuals in need and the Hope Hub.
  • we purchase specific items of food, utilities, clothing and white goods that are needed.
  • we do not give money to clients

If you would like to volunteer to help please contact svpcamberleyandfrimley@outlook.com and /or to give a donation

SVP Camberley account no. 46082417 sort code 60-60-04

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