24th May,  7th Sunday of Easter


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Dear Friends,

Amazing isn’t it, the Bishops of England and Wales restored the Feast of the Ascension of the Lord to the Thursday in 2017. While marking a tradition, it meant by the very nature of things that it automatically excluded a huge number of people from being able to attend Mass, by virtue of work and school etc. This year we had the time but could not attend in person. Has God a sense of humour or what!

Today’s first reading (Acts 1:12-14) tells us what happened to the apostles immediately after the Ascension of Jesus from the Mount of Olives. This location would be about two miles from the centre of Jerusalem. They had this sense of loss. Only a little while before (minutes maybe) on this same site, the apostles asked Jesus, “Lord has the time come? Are you going to restore the kingdom to Israel?” And now emptiness. So they headed off to a safe space in the city and went to the upper room, 11 apostles and “some women including Mary his Mother (who had been witnesses to his crucifixion and miracles) and his brothers.” They joined in continuous prayer and they were the kernel of the early church or as it is later described as the new covenant. That would happen at Pentecost which we celebrate next Sunday.

Next four Sundays:

May 31st        Pentecost

June 7th         The Most Holy Trinity

June 14th       The Body and Blood of Christ

June 21st        The 12th Sunday in Ordinary Time

  • We are still in May. How are you going with the Rosary? If time was a problem before, surely it’s not now. On Pentecost Sunday, there will be a nationwide Rosary Rally from 9am-9pm on the hour streamed. Go to www.rosaryrally.uk.com

  • Please remember in your prayers Michael Watkins and Richard Power, whose funerals took place this week.

  • Do not believe that you have all the facts given by government to news outlets. The phased opening of schools being an example. St Augustine’s for example WILL NOT be able to accept Year 6 children for the moment due to the extraordinarily elaborate and time-consuming issues that are involved in accepting Reception children and the children of critical workers, that they have had from the outset of various ages. One of the good outcomes of the M.A.T. or joining of voluntary aided schools into clusters has been the support system and sharing of good practice and safety advice that is uniformly agreed among these headteachers and governors. It cannot have been foreseen when it kicked off but now it would be a near impossible task for a headteacher to face the paper mountain alone. Pray for the safety of children, families, staff and governors please.


  • Frimley Park Hospital Trust wish it to be made known due to rumour and misinformation that, for patients receiving end of life care, a child in hospital, a woman in labour or someone with mental health issues or disability, ONE family member or carer can visit them.

For your reflection:

  • Do you pray for the sick and carers?
  • Have you made those phone calls to old friends?
  • Have you offered a helping hand if you have time?
  • Now children you have a whole week to make a special card for Mum and Dad for having had you baptised.

Finally: Seen on Facebook: Ascension Day is when Jesus started working from home.


God Bless You All,

Fr John

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