Click the white triangle in the image above from 10:30 Sunday and you will be able to watch live Mass.  The feed will start at about 10:25.  If you are watching from a tablet or an ipad, you may be prompted to watch via the YouTube app.  You can watch directly from YouTube using this link:

If the Mass has not started you will see a note saying "Live Stream Offline".  Once Mass starts it will change to "Live"

Instructions on how to watch Online

Dear Friends,

Mass on most Sundays is live-streamed and recorded so that it can be watched anytime. Around 10-20 familes watch live, with another 100 watching in the following week.  Masses have been recorded since March 2020 as a response to the pandemic to allow parishioners to continue to watch Mass.  As of May 2023, there have been over 30,000 views of the recordings on YouTube.  Christmas Day Children's Nativity Mass is the most-watched with nearly 900 families watching it.

The recording starts at around 10:20am, and you can watch it at anytime after that, pause it and rewind it.  If you are watching later on you can also forward-wind it (for example to fast-forward the period where the livestream is paused during communion).

All recordings of Mass are held on the Parish's YouTube Channel.  You can see all the recordings here:

If you are looking for older Masses during the pandemic click on the tab which says "Videos" rather than "Live"

You can receive a notification from YouTube when a new service is being recorded by subscribing to our YouTube Channel.  You can subscribe using this link:

Thank you.


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