Proclaim is Church presentation software that our Parish have licensed to assist with the preparation of presentations during Masses. The software is web-based and allows multiple users to work remotely (at home) to prepare professional presentations that can be presented using the Church’s audio visualsystems.

It allows the presentation of slides prepared using hymns and prayers from a database and choosing backgrounds provided by Proclaim. One can also select from stored audio hymns should accompanying music or audio versions berequired.

Pre-prepared presentations can then be accessed on our Church laptop in order to provide our congregation with the words to hymns and prayers during Mass. These are projected onto screens either side of the altar. The Church laptop is normally positioned/connected to the media control centre adjacent to the choir, where the operator can control the presentation during services. It can even be controlled remotely.

The aim is to have several volunteers for eachof the weekend’s Masses so that each volunteer only needs to prepare and present once a month. In general, preparation at home takes approximately 15 minutes to enter the basic data, to around half an hour for more creative presentations. The software is very simple to use and should you wish to volunteer as a presenter you will be very welcome. Detailed training is available.

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