Nativity 2020 Information

Welcome to Nativity 2020 at Our Lady Queen of Heaven

Thank you so much for volunteering to take part in this year's extraordinary Christmas Nativity Play

This year we will be performing the nativity in a COVID-secure way, filming virtually all the play by parents or guardians in their own homes.

For a small number of scenes we will plan to film them in Church once COVID restrictions have been relaxed, tentatively planned for December.

Our Lady Queen of Heaven has purchased the right to share the songs and the words, and to modify the Nativity play.  We can then film the play and publish it, with the songs, on the internet using a channel like YouTube.

What you need to do...

On the right you will find links to the latest version of the whole Nativity play which includes your role and everyone elses to give you context to the Nativity.  You will also find the Nativity's film direction notes for all the roles, and then further down this page links to the role you are playing specifically.

You'll also see links to the songs and to guidance on how to take video and how to then upload them so we can put the film together

When recording, please remember your Scene number - just like real films we need to work out where the video (or clip) you are making fits into the overall film.

There are over 50 scenes in this short film alone!

Role Specifics


Below is a link to download each of the songs in the Nativity.  Please record yourself singing each song, but don't record the song playing in the background as well... so listen to it using headphones and sing along.

Video yourself singing the songs individually.  In the final version all the children will be on screen at the same time so don't worry we won't single anyone out.

1. Welcome, Welcome

2. Clip Clop

3. Knock, Knock, Knock

4. Warming Our Toes

5. An Angel Appeared in the Sky

6. Three Kings were Riding

7. (not used)

8. Jesus is Born

The words for the songs can be downloaded from this link

The lyrics for Jesus is Born, probably the most important song, were missed from the sheet and can be found here.

And two traditional ones:

  • Away in a Manger
  • We Wish you a Merry Christmas


  • Know what part you have by looking at the list on the left
  • Click on the link for each role below left
  • Understand what costume your child needs to have.
  • Learn lines
  • Have scene numbers ready
  • Read how to take video recordings
  • Record your videos
  • Upload them to DropBox, share them with Simon
  • Record your children singing the songs
  • Upload these to DropBox too
  • Email Simon when all is completed
  • Email if you have any questions at all

How to take videos

Watch the short video below for some tips on how to record the video for the film.

Always use the best camera / phone that you have.

Shoot the scene in Landscape mode, not Portrait.  It might seem odd when filming a person to not have the camera at the same proportion to the person, but think about where the film would be seen:  It will be on a TV or a PC and the screens for these are always landscape.

So put the camera on its side when filming.  Don't worry if it looks upside down, we can turn it around.

You're unlikely to be able to influence the format of the video so shoot it on whatever you like, so long as it is as good as you can make.

The video files will normally be large.  Don't send them via WhatsApp or similar as the quality will be reduced to get the size of the file down.

Use DropBox to send the files.  Click here to learn how to set  up a DropBox account if you don't already have one.  Once you have this you can upload your scenes there, either individually or all together.

Once the files are uploaded share them with

If you have any problems at all email


There are two elements to the script - the overall words that each person says, and the film direction.

Script (version 2)

Film Direction