Nativity: Narrator 4


Smart, Christmassy


Please read the information for filing which can be found here before you start.

Ideally, learn the lines off by heart and speak them to the camera, or, print the lines on a large piece of paper and hold behind or to the side of the camera.

Speak each section, with a pause between the sections.

Below, on the left is the Scene number (S01, S03 etc..).   Please reference the scene, either by holding up a piece of paper with the scene number before you start or by saying the scene number before you start.


Meanwhile, three kings had seen a very bright star in the east. They knew that the star was a special sign and that a powerful king had been born. They decided to go to the palace and speak to King Herod.


King Herod was troubled by the news of a new king.

He thought this new king might take away his throne.


The kings decided to follow the star.

They rode their camels all the way to Bethlehem.


When the kings got to Bethlehem they saw the star in the sky above a stable.

They opened the door and went inside to see the baby Jesus.


They gave him some wonderful gifts.


The three kings didn’t trust King Herod and all agreed it was not wise to take Jesus back to him.

Everyone looked at the beautiful baby. He looked very peaceful and cosy in the manger.


Everyone thanked God for all that they had seen. Jesus, the Son of God is born.


Say loudly

Jesus, the Son of God is born!