Nativity: Narrator 2


Smart, Christmassy


Please read the information for filing which can be found here before you start.

Ideally, learn the lines off by heart and speak them to the camera, or, print the lines on a large piece of paper and hold behind or to the side of the camera.

Speak each section, with a pause between the sections.

Below, on the left is the Scene number (S01, S03 etc..).   Please reference the scene, either by holding up a piece of paper with the scene number before you start or by saying the scene number before you start.


When Mary and Joseph arrived in Bethlehem the town was full of people.

They tried to find somewhere to stay.


Joseph knocks at a door.


They looked everywhere, but all the inns were full.

Finally, they arrived at the last inn and they knocked on the door.


Mary was feeling very tired. She spoke to the Innkeeper.


The Innkeeper felt sorry for Mary.

He thought for a while and then he had an idea.


The Innkeeper was very kind. He took Mary and Joseph to his stable.

That night, Jesus was born. Mary wrapped the baby in a cloth and laid him in a manger. The Innkeeper brought some food and drink for Mary and Joseph.


Say loudly

Jesus, the Son of God is born!