Nativity: King 2

King 2


King's Costume, in gold colour


Please read the information for filing which can be found here before you start.

Ideally, learn the lines off by heart and speak them to the camera, or, print the lines on a large piece of paper and hold behind or to the side of the camera.

Film three parts please, and remember to say or have a piece of paper that shows the Scene number (eg S03 = Scene Three) before you start each section.

Standing up, arms up in a prayer pose, look slightly upwards and say your lines with passion as if you are really excited.


Praise be to the King!


Say out loudly:

Jesus, the Son of God is born!

For the scene below we will film in the Church, so you don't need to film this at home - more details about timing and safety information will be provided later on.


I am Balthazar, King of Oman and Yemen and I bring Frankincense.