Nativity: Angel Gabriel


White angel costume.   Silver or gold tinsel around your head like a halo.


Please read the information for filing which can be found here before you start.

Ideally, learn the lines off by heart and speak them to the camera, or, print the lines on a large piece of paper and hold behind or to the side of the camera.

Film four parts please, and remember to say or have a piece of paper that shows the Scene number (eg S03 = Scene Three) before you start each section.


Film these lines in your garden or a park, flapping your wings gently as you say the lines

Mary, you are going to have a baby!

He will be the Son of God and you will call him "Jesus"


In this scene Gabriel is above the shepherds, so film outside again, with Gabriel standing on a chair or similar and film from low-down so it looks like they are looking down on the Shepherds,  Then Gabriel says this in a loud voice:

Jesus, the Son of God is born!


The Narrator says that Angel Gabriel tells the shepherds that the baby is born in Bethlehem.. so please film Gabriel saying:

The baby is born in Bethlehem

and then point to the left for 5 seconds.


Say loudly:

Jesus, the Son of God is born!