Please note, the Reflection Day for Eucharistic Ministers at Mayfield School on 28th September has been cancelled.

15th September 2019

Twenty-Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Christ is King

Dear Friends,

Of the three Readings today we have marvellous evidence and examples of FORGIVENESS. In Exodus, God forgives and does not seek revenge or retribution (that will teach them a lesson!) on a rebellious people who turned their back on God and made a golden calf to worship instead. Moses pleaded for forgiveness for them.

In the second Reading Paul, writing to Timothy, he reminds all who hear these words to listen, because He (Jesus) who called Paul did so knowing that Paul had killed many followers of ‘The Way’ – the original name by which Christians were known - believing that he was doing a good service. Then came the Road to Damascus conversion and forgiveness.

In the Gospel we have three parables. You can apply the following to any one of them. In all instances it’s ONE sheep, one coin or one person that is the subject. The question immediately arises, why make such a fuss about one? Well this emphasises the importance of each individual to Christ. No.1 is as important as No. 96 or 2 million and 5. This brings us to the Caiaphas high priest who condemned Jesus’ principle, ‘It was Caiaphas who had suggested to the Jews, “It is better for one man to die for the people, than for the whole nation to be destroyed” ‘ John 11:50. He articulated a principle which is very much alive in our time, in the boards of multinationals, in football teams, in all regimes be they authoritarian or democratic. How can you run a business, team or country if you are acting on the principle that everybody, every individual matters. The Caiaphas principle is used to resolve these issues, but Jesus’ way is different. Everyone does matter, it’s probably parents who understand this best of all.

  • We had a great turn out of parents and many children on Monday night as Catherine Nwana outlined the First Holy Communion programme for this year. Parents will have a much more hands-on involvement as we go forward. Please keep these families in your prayers.
  • The Canonisation of Blessed John Henry Newman will take place in Rome on October 13th.
  • Four day Dementia course at St. Mary’s, Park road Camberley in October and November. Please see the notice board “Communication & Caregiving in Dementia. A positive vision.
  • Accommodation request: Two male staff employed at Frimley Park hospital seek shared or separate accommodation please. Contact Emeka on 07944 381208.


Finally: The moment you have children yourself, you forgive your parents for everything. (Susan Hill)

God Bless You All,

Fr John

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