Welcome to the parish of Our Lady Queen of Heaven, Frimley, Surrey.  You are most welcome to our Parish.  The Catholic community at Frimley consists of people of all ages and is very international in its make up.  The one reason that brings us together is our belief - however faltering - that we need to meet Jesus in the Word of Scripture, in the Sacraments and in our brothers and sisters in the parish.  As Jesus said, "without me you can do nothing".

We believe that we need Him and each other to make any sense of life, we are trying to do this together.

To that missionary journey that we try to renew as often as possible, we hope that each child and adult will recognise that:

     They are most welcome
They are loved
      They are valued   

God bless, Fr John.

19th May, Fifth Sunday of Easter

Dear Friends,  

I am amazed at the flight of time. Most of us have a reasonable number of years to get our act together, to answer Jesus’ call to follow him, first received at baptism. For my own part, it was ages after ordination that I had some limited appreciation that this applied to me and what was I doing about it? Well, my answer was very general and to be honest, vague, even to myself. But an awakening takes place over time, we are tested in a variety of ways, so vagueness is not helpful. Jesus had to wake up the apostles more urgently as he was not going to be around to take them by the hand. Today’s gospel, taken from the Last Supper Discourse, shines a light on what is absolutely essential for a follower of Jesus – love and serve as he has done. It’s the only way we can have inner peace whatever anybody else thinks or says.

With this in mind, service to our brothers and sisters in ministry at Mass is very important. If you can give some time to help, please take the volunteers sheet. Thank you.

  • Weekend Mass Volunteers

    If you would like to assist as a Welcomer/Mass Co-ordinator/Reader/ Eucharistic Minister at any of the weekend Masses, please complete a form (which can be found on the table in the church porch). Please leave the completed forms in the volunteers’ box on the table in the church porch. Should you have performed any of the roles mentioned and would like to have a break or, similarly, if you have changed your Mass time, please record that on the form also.

  • Please note that completed forms should be returned by Sunday 19th May as the rotas will be created after that.

    Many thanks to all volunteers who make such a helpful contribution ministering at the respective Masses.

    Bishop Richard’s idea of chaplaincy in each secondary school: For more detailed information, there will be a presentation for the Surrey area at The Sacred Heart Church, 25 Between Streets, Cobham, KT11 1AA at 7pm on Thursday June 6th.

Finally: The teacher asked the children to write a sentence using the word ‘beans.’

Jane: “My dad grows beans.”

Jimmy: “My mom loves to cook with beans.”

Shirley: “You are always telling us we are all human beans.”


God Bless you all,

Fr John

Pastoral Letter from Bishop Richard Moth, Feb 2019

Mission Statement

The people who gather at Our Lady Queen of Heaven come from many parts of the world with their cultures, traditions and gifts.
As a community, we worship Jesus Christ in the Catholic tradition.
We dedicate our time to developing a relationship with God and serving others. With open hearts and minds we seek to discover what living the gospel values in our time truly means.

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