Welcome to the parish of Our Lady Queen of Heaven, Frimley, Surrey.  You are most welcome to our Parish.  The Catholic community at Frimley consists of people of all ages and is very international in its make up.  The one reason that brings us together is our belief - however faltering - that we need to meet Jesus in the Word of Scripture, in the Sacraments and in our brothers and sisters in the parish.  As Jesus said, "without me you can do nothing".

We believe that we need Him and each other to make any sense of life, we are trying to do this together.

To that missionary journey that we try to renew as often as possible, we hope that each child and adult will recognise that:

     They are most welcome
They are loved
      They are valued   

God bless, Fr John.

14th July 2019 Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Dear Friends,

            Today we encounter a parable that is so familiar, it hardly stirs anything within us. We probably totally approve of all Jesus said in answer to the question, “Master, what must I do to inherit eternal life?” The mind of the lawyer was sharp enough to recognise that the answer Jesus gave (which we fully accept, if still on board) has considerable implications in its application. It’s rather like the complete surrender of your independence to your spouse when you marry. How many see it like that? “I am choosing this woman or this man because that will bring security and humour or fill in bits that I am missing in my life.” I have met very honest people who said (afterwards it’s true), “I married x because I was looking for stability or happiness in life. I have a very different idea of what that means now.” By the definition Jesus gave, we are not just loving as completely as we can our spouse but their family (whom they may or may not be big into).

            Jesus illustrates the commitment and praises the astuteness of the lawyer who saw some of the ramifications of his teaching. They need no explanation here, the priest comes out very badly as does the Levite, one of the priestly cast who would be very conscious of ritual cleanliness because he was of the Temple Priesthood, so it would be unthinkable to touch or interest himself in a stranger by the roadside. The Samaritan was an “outsider” who only saw a person who needed help and did something about it. In our acrimonious diet of daily news, is it not people’s nationality, ethnic origin, sexual orientation or creed that identifies them as worthy or unworthy of our help? At least some make no pretence to disguise their thinking, let’s not follow the mob.

  • The cremation ceremony of Mrs Luzie Davis, late of Ash Vale and a long time member of the Mytchett Church will take place on Friday 16th at WOKING CREMATORIUM at 4pm.
  • Warmest congratulations to Mary and William Kinch who celebrated 60 years of marriage last Saturday.
  • Last Sunday’s Lourdes Appeal raised £950. Big “thank you” from Phillipa, Jelena and Uleeti.

Finally: Frank and Rose were celebrating their Golden Jubilee and their three sons made a special effort to come as they were living abroad and very busy people. So the sons stood up at the outset, congratulated their Mum and Dad and apologised for not having time to get them a gift. Frank then spoke and said “There is something your Mum and I have been wanting to tell you together. You see your mother and I were too busy to get married before any of you were born.” In shock and unison the sons asked, “Dad, are you telling us that we are 3b…….?”  “Dead right” replied Frank, “and miserable ones at that.”

God Bless You All,

Fr John

Mission Statement

The people who gather at Our Lady Queen of Heaven come from many parts of the world with their cultures, traditions and gifts.
As a community, we worship Jesus Christ in the Catholic tradition.
We dedicate our time to developing a relationship with God and serving others. With open hearts and minds we seek to discover what living the gospel values in our time truly means.

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