20th October 2019
Twenty-Nineth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Cardinal Newman was made a Saint on 13th October 2019.
Christ is King

Dear Friends,

Jesus in today’s gospel speaks the language of the people when he teaches about the need to pray often and not to tell yourself, ‘I have prayed x times and not had an answer.’ The persistence of the widow who sought a decision from a judge that “had neither fear of God or respect for man” is the example given. She had been wronged but consistent with his philosophy of life, the judge could not care less. Yet her refusal to accept that attitude and go away, it began to worry the judge and the effect it may have on his own health. Even the self-centred man gave a decision in her favour. The message – don’t give up praying.

  • November is traditionally the month of prayer and Masses for the Holy Souls. November 2nd is on a Saturday this year and our Remembrance Book will be part of the weekend offertory procession.
  • Sunday November 10th Prayers at St Peter’s Cemetery at 3pm.
  • Josephine: Last Wednesday, Josephine Cherubim officially retired after 20 years of voluntary work in the presbytery. She saw Fr Martin, Fr Steve (whom she has canonised), Fr Tim Hunting, all the many passers-by and myself. On behalf of myself and all parishioners I say thanks to Josephine again. She never stopped reminding me: “don’t forget I am doing this for God not for you”. Wednesday was her day and a fitting day to celebrate.
  • Des Grumley RIP. Many of you know Des who for years kept the car park and grounds in good shape. He gave many people lifts to hospital and church etc. He died at home last Sunday morning, funeral arrangements not yet known. Pray for him, that would be his wish.
  • Volunteers, very welcome to gather up the leaves on Saturday morning when you can. Bags, brushes, gloves etc available or bring your own. 30 minutes will be grand then do the shopping.
  • “Climate Change: The reality and the demands on each one of us” by Professor Joanna Haigh at St Paul’s, Crawley Ridge on Tuesday 29th We need to be better informed than the newspaper headlines give us.
  • Year 10 and over, Confirmation sign up forms are in the porch. If it is your wish to be confirmed, please return the form by 27th October at the latest. Spread the word to friends and classmates.
  • Have you registered with the parish? Have you signed up as a parishioner or changed your address or contact details - please make the effort to do that, blue forms in the porch.
  • Christmas Care Packs: please take a leaflet and bring an item or two. I would say you have no idea how many are in need in this area – adults and children.
  • Please pray for the repose of the soul of Archbishop Michael Bowen of the Archdiocese of Southwark who died on 17th

God Bless You All,

Fr John

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Please pray for all those who have died recently

Timothy and Josiane Everard, Des Grumley, Colleen Lawrence, Jeannette Mills, Jim Shaw

May they rest in peace.

Please pray for all those who are sick at this time

Marie Bellizzi, Robert Burbridge, Pauline Brookman, Teresa Brown, Arlan Calderon, Lally Clarke, Florence Cox, Hermanthe Fernando, Roy Higham, Elizabeth Mary Jones, Gill Kirwin, Miguel Montoro, Paul Pullen, Wilson Rabanos, Margaret Sant, Colin and Gill Shaw, Pat Sibley, Penny Skelton, Alfonsa Varghese, Betty Viet, Mark Wardell and Martin Wedlock and all those named on the notice board in Our Lady’s Shrine.

May they find consolation in their suffering