Nativity 2022

Click the white triangle in the image above from 10:30 Sunday and you will be able to watch live Mass.  The feed will start at about 10:25.  If you are watching from a tablet or an ipad, you may be prompted to watch via the YouTube app.  You can watch directly from YouTube using this link:

If the Mass has not started you will see a note saying "Live Stream Offline".  Once Mass starts it will change to "Live"


Thank you so much for volunteering to take part in this year's extraordinary Christmas Nativity Play.

This years play is a traditional Christmas scene, but there is one Angel who is always late (I think we all have someone in our families who is often late!).  She is late to see the Shepherds, and the Kings, but will she be too late to see the Baby Jesus?

This year we will be performing the nativity itaking into COVID precautions by again asking familes to record the videos in their own houses or for some scenes through carefully-managed scenes at the Church.

Our Lady Queen of Heaven has purchased the right to share the songs and the words, and to modify the Nativity play.  We film the play and publish it, with the songs, on the internet using YouTube.

This year like last year, the Parish Nativity is going to be special.  Instead of performing live on Christmas Eve we will be creating a film, which will then be shown over Christmas and will be available for you, your family and friends to watch at home.

There will be some filming at Our Lady Queen of Heaven which will be staged during the day to maintain social distancing.

The consent form can be downloaded here.  This should either be copied and pasted into an email, printed, scanned and emailed to, or printed and handed into the Parish Office.  The consent form allows us to publish the film on YouTube for everyone to enjoy.

How to video your scene

Watch the video below for some tips on how to record the video on your phone.

Latest Update 25th November 2021

We have 13 actors signed up already, and we need a few more before we can put together a great performance.  It is being advertised in the newsletter this week, and at St Augustine's.  Casting should take place next week.

Nativity Script

Click here to view and download a copy of the Nativity Script.  If you are not able to print a copy, please email us and we will put a copy at the back of Church for you.


Below is a link to download each of the songs in the Nativity.  Please record yourself singing each song (have the camera in portrait, ie the way it is usually used, not on its side for the songs), but don't record the song playing in the background as well... so listen to it using headphones and sing along.

Video yourself singing the songs individually.  In the final version all the children will be on screen at the same time so don't worry we won't single anyone out.


We've got a feeling

Did you hear the News?

We've Travelled for Days

The words for the songs can be downloaded:

We've got a feeling

Did you hear the News?

We've Travelled for Days

And a traditional one:

  • We Wish you a Merry Christmas

Want to see last year's Film?

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