16th December 2018 Third Sunday of Advent 2018

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Dear Friends, 

          In response to John (a voice crying inthe wilderness); “Prepare a way for the Lord, make his paths straight” (Luke3:4) and in today’s gospel we hear the response. Maybe some thought that’s agood idea and I will do it another day. But we are told, “all the people asked John, ‘What must we do?’” (Luke 3:10) So, the word of John they understood as leading to action on their part in the present. This was a call to holiness and a representation of what the Prophet Isaiah had said. The explanation could not be clearer and it was tailored for each to measure themselves against it. It did not allow for fudge or ambiguity, it was for them in their time just as it is for us in our time. It was so startlingly clear that some were even speculating that John might be the expected Christ who would save the people from the constant attacks by neighbours and tribes. But it all starts with personal conversion, personal commitment to living a good and decent life alongside your neighbour and not at his/her expense. The word of Jesus would echo this sense of responsibility, but many would say ‘good idea, I will do it later’, where do I stand?

The reason this Sunday is traditionally called ‘GAUDETE’ comes from the very first word of the entrance antiphon which is ‘REJOICE’ because the Lord is near. The pink candle is lit today.

Fr Paul Fraser enjoyed last weekend and sends everybody his very best wishes forChristmas.

Please take a green sheet for the Mass times and liturgy up to and including Christmastime.

How about inviting someone who does not usually attend to come to Mass at Christmastime.

PLEASE sign up for ministry if you can. All hands on deck.

I am going to Ireland on Wednesday to attend my nephew Sean Twomey’s wedding toFiona Dwyer. Many have met Sean. Fiona is really wonderful. The big day isFriday at St Michael’s in Sneem, Co Kerry. I plan to return on Saturday. Prayfor us all.

We welcome the help of the Salesian Fathers during this time.

Mass on New Year’s Day will be at 12 noon – let’s share some after Christmas food afterwards in the hall.

And finally: “Maggie, are you and Fred still not speaking?” asked Mary.

Maggie: “No indeed, and I was really mad about it last night.”

“Why was that?”

“Because for a change, I had some good news for him.”

God Bless, Fr John

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