Mass Times and Intentions

                            Fifth Sunday of Easter      

Sat 18th May         12.00Noon Confessions

                            6.00pm       Joan Bond RIP (Mary Kearney)

Sun 19th May        8.30am       John, Elsa & Christopher Luck RIP


                            10.30am     All Parishioners

                            5.30pm       Kathleen Jolliffe RIP (Anniv) (David)

                                               Margaret Ganley (Ill) (Kate)

Mon 20th May      8.00am       Mrs Nano Naughton RIP

                                        (Catherine Pearson)

Tue 21st May        7.30pm       Martha Smith’s Intention

Wed 22nd May      9.30am       Kathleen Cullen RIP (Family)

Thu 23rd May       9.30am       José & Elena RIP (José & Maria)

Fri 24th May         9.30am       Teresa McCarthy & Gwen Carr RIP

                                               (Davies Family)

                            7.30pm       Rosary in the church

                            Sixth Sunday of Easter     

Sat 25th May         12.00Noon Confessions

                            6.00pm       Florence Farrer RIP (Forward)

Sun 26th May        8.30am       Kathleen O’Neill RIP (Anniv)

                                               (C. Sadler)

                            10.30am     Tony Lancaster RIP (Anniv)


                                               Seamus Reilly RIP (10th Anniv)


                                               Len Williams RIP (Anniv)

                                               (A. Hodges)

                            5.30pm       Louise Graham RIP