Children’s Liturgy

Special arrangements are made during school term for children who are in the reception year up to year 4 at school.  After the entrance hymn of the 10.30 Sunday mass, the children retire to the Church Hall where they celebrate their own Liturgy.  They pray, listen to the Gospel, talk, draw, act, sing or put together a poster to deepen their understanding of the Gospel message.


In this way, the children’s Liturgy Group aims to:

  • Share the Gospel with the children, providing them a Liturgy of the word suited to their age and general state of development.
  • Encourage enthusiasm for the enjoyment of the liturgy and thus to foster Faith.
  • Provide a supportive community for young families, enabling parents and children to get to know each other.


In addition, special Children’s Masses are held four times a year; Easter, Harvest, Christmas and at the end of the school year.


Volunteers of every age are always welcome to help look after the children and it is expected that one or two parents will take on a more supportive role within the Liturgy group.


Contact:  Linda Johnson                01276 32649