26th August 2018 Twenty-First Sunday in Ordinary Time

Dear Friends,


We need to remind ourselves of Jesus’ words in today’s Gospel, He was well aware that many complained about what he was saying and doing. So Jesus reminded them that they were not under duress, “what about you, do you want to go away too?” Peter replied, “Lord to whom shall we go? You have the message of eternal life, and we believe.”


In spite of its challenges, we need a compass to navigate life. Jesus is the best guide for this purpose, he leads us to the Father. (You have the message of eternal life).


  • I had a terrific holiday with the ever-extending family.
  • My very grateful thanks to Helen, Ray, Des, Alan and all who helped in a variety of ways. Also to the Salesian Community for attending to Mass regularly.
  • Please pray for the victims of the flooding in Kerala, India. The local community are having a discussion about how they can help.
  • Congratulations to all who got exam results this week. Your true worth will never be shown in exam results but in being a kind person to others.
  • As so many will return to school this week, some for the first time, let us pray for them and their parents.
  • This weekend Pope Francis is visiting Ireland. The atmosphere is not all sweetness and light I can assure you. Please pray for those who wish to be faithful to the gospel even having to cope with a very imperfect church.
  • Please note that Monday’s Mass is at 9:30am.
  • Bishop Richard has summoned the clergy – on a three line whip basis to outline his thinking on the Diocesan Plan. Just pray folks please.
  • New issue of A&B News in the porch – FREE


Finally: Fr Danny saw Mary crying after Mass and asked her what was wrong.

“My husband Jim passed away last night.”

“You poor lady, that’s awful” said Fr Danny. “Did he have any last requests?”

“He did” she replied. “He said ‘Mary, please put the gun down.’”


God Bless,

Fr John



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